Dismantling Zapped and Renewed

Don't panic, ladies and gentlemen. Please forgive me. I've decided that I don't want to use 50megs as a host anymore.

When I first began to use 50megs, they allowed us an option of whether we wanted pop up ads, or where we wanted them to appear on the page instead of pop ups. Now, not only do we not have that choice, but we have adds at least on the top and left of the page and pop ups.

Features that were once free, such as the poll, they now ask you to upgrade for. The .50megs.com at the end of the url is unattractive, and I could say more.

I'm packing up my website and moving elsewhere. I don't know where I'll be going yet, but I hope to find out soon. Feel free to copy this down, but if you'd like to know where this site will be later, you can e-mail ZARObox[at]yahoo[dot]come (inserting the necessary punctuation/symbols) so that I can update you.

Thank you for visiting.